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Botox is a prescription medication approved by FDA since 2002. Botox is used to treat wrinkles created by movement of muscles by temporarily preventing the muscles from flexing. You can treat glabellar wrinkles ("number 11s" between brows), crow's feet around the eyes, lines on the forehead, or even lift the brows to slightly open up the upper eyelid.

Treatment is very quick and safe. Botulinum toxin has been available for several decades and much higher than cosmetic doses are used to treat some medical conditions like muscle spasms, migraines, or hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Watch Masha's Video Blog on Creative Botox

Risks are minimal and very limited in the hands of experience injector. Although the science and anatomy behind the treatment is relatively simple, it still takes an artistic eye and precise knowledge or anatomic landmarks to create natural looking results.

Results usually last about three months. In my experience, if patient comes in 2-3 times in a row every 3-4 months, muscles get weaker and less product is needed less frequently. Just like with other products, people with very high metabolism who are naturally very thin and/or work out regularly might have results that last less than three months.


You did more for me and how I feel than any of the doctors I have been seeing. When you treat someone please realize you are doing so much more than using your talent, you are sharing a part of yourself and impacting someone's life. You have a very special place in this world and your talent couldn't have been geiven to anyone more deserving.Masha, your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping me getting the assistance from Sculptra. The work you have done on my face has helped boost my confidence and I feel much better that I did before. The work you do is so meaningful. Sincerely,
J.C., Client