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Double Eyelid Surgery/Asian Blepharoplasty

Double-eyelid surgery is the most common cosmetic procedure in China, and East and South Asia. The typical Asian eye is characterized by puffiness and lack of a supratarsal fold in the upper eyelid (single eyelid).

About half of Asian patients posses an upper eyelid with a low but defined eyelid crease and another half have no sign of crease formation. Even when present, Asian crease differs from typical Occidental (Western) crease as it is closer to the eyelashes and is shaped differently.

Why is Asian eyelid so different from non-Asian?

The Asian eyelid that has no crease has the levator muscle (muscle of upper eyelid that opens it) insert either very low (for partial or low creases) or not at all into the skin, so that no crease is visible. The reason that the Asian eyelid appears puffier than the Occidental eye is that the fat (postseptal fat) hangs lower over the eyelid to make the eyelid appear both fatter and the eyelid opening narrower. Creation of the crease moves the fat out of the way and creates the same degree of opening in the eyelid aperture.

Occidental (Western) eyelid.         Asian eyelid.

Notice how levator aponeurosis extends into the upper eyelid muscle and skin to create a fold (Left diagram).

How do you create a fold in the upper eyelid?

After the initial skin incision, the orbicularis muscle is encountered and moved out of the way to visualize the orbital septum. The orbital septum holds back the fat pad, and immediately below it lies the levator muscle . The levator is the structure that is fixated to the skin with sutures to create the levator-to-skin crease that is desired. These sutures are removed after one week when the levator to skin fixation is already durably created during the healing process.

Is the surgery safe? Although any procedure carries some risks, double eyelid surgery is safe.

When can I go back to work? Most of the patients take a week off from work at which point the swelling goes down significantly.

You did more for me and how I feel than any of the doctors I have been seeing. When you treat someone please realize you are doing so much more than using your talent, you are sharing a part of yourself and impacting sThank you for the wonderful and pure heart you have. I'm so happy and blessed to know you, an unbelievable person!
P.B., Client