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Hair Transplantation

The way we look does not define who we are, but it affects our self-esteem and confidence. Hair is another attribute of health and youth, which a lot of us start losing in early thirties. Hair Transplantation is perceived by many as a painful and expensive procedure, but it's not true. Many of you have also heard of unsightly scarring after the procedure. With advances of surgical technique and technology we can now transplant individual hair follicles, which allows to "design" a very natural looking hairline, avoid ANY scarring and minimize the pain and discomfort during and after the procedure.

Procedure takes several hours, and is done under local anesthesia with some sedation, if preferred by a patient. We have all female wonderful staff, who is very gentle and attentive and most of our patients are surprised how comfortable they felt during the procedure.

Compared to an old "strip" technique, when the stip of skin with harvested from the back of the scalp; follicilar unit transplantation is less painful, has less risks of bleeding and infection, does not leave any scars and has minimum down time. You can return to work in couple of days with minimal discomfort.

It is now possible to transplant follicles faster and more efficiently with NeoGraft technology, which is now available at our office. http://www.neograft.com/

To schedule a consultation and determine whether you are a candidate for hair transplantation please call to schedule a complimentary consultation at 617.501.7055.

Masha, thank you so much for taking me on as a client and making my aging face look refreshed. You are amazing and I feel very fortunate to call you my physician. I'm leaving for my big trip tomorrow and I'm thrilled to be putting my best face forward.
K.B., Client