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Liquid Facelift

Want a perfect face, but not ready for surgery just yet?

Fillers are a safe and temporary alternative to rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, brow lift, or even cervicoplasty (lower face lift). Procedure takes about half an hour, is not painful, has minimal side effects like swelling and bruising for a few days, and is more affordable.

See How Fast and Easy It Can Be

Non surgical nose job™ (rhinoplasty)

This quick procedure can make your nose appear more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Whether it's the projection of nasal tip, overall symmetry of the nose, or smoothing the sharp angles or "bumps"-fillers can temporary alter the shape of your nose and make it look more proportional to the rest of your face.

Non surgical chin augmentation

Chin that lacks projection can make your face look unpoportional and weak. Men might want to augment the chin for more masculine appearance as well. Fillers are safe alternative to chin augmentation.

Liquid face lift

We lose a lot of volume in our face with age. Cheeks deflate and skin drapes itself to create smile lines, marionette lines, and jowles. Replacing volume in the cheeks can literally lift the face and achieve more feminine and young contour of the face. Fillers or fat and stem cell transfer are best alternatives for the face lift.

Non-surgical tear trophs treatment

Do you look tired even after a good night sleep? Do you have bags or depressions under your eyes? You might need blepharoplasty, but if you're not ready for surgery you can try a safe alternative-hyaluronic acid filler. Come in for a consultation to see if this procedure is for you.

Masha, thank you so much for taking me on as a client and making my aging face look refreshed. You are amazing and I feel very fortunate to call you my physician. I'm leaving for my big trip tomorrow and I'm thrilled to be putting my best face forward.
K.B., Client