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Radiesse - Facial Fillers

Radiesse is the best filler for "liquid facelift" and treatment of nasolabial folds in my opinion: it lasts about one year, it gives fantastic support for the skin of the face and has a great cost/benefit ratio compared to some of the other products available. Another benefit is instant result with minimum downtime for those of you who MUST look your BEST in two weeks!

This product is FDA approved and has been on the market for a very long time to prove its safety and longevity. It is made of methyl-carboxy-cellulose gel with calcium hydroxy appatite crystals, which is completely biodegradable and non-reactive (cannot cause allergic reaction).

Treatment takes about 15 minutes and should not hurt at all. I love using this filler to re-create youthful cheek contour and lift the face, and to smooth smile and marionette lines. I also use it to enhance cupid's bow and philtrum columns, which gives the lips definition and support.

Lastly, I use it to augment chin and jaw line, lift the brows, and to change the shape of the nose (augmentation of nasal dorsum and tip, see "non-surgical face sculpting").

A lot of clinicians prefer hyaluronic-based fillers like Restylane and Juvederm because it's much easier to use them, they are dissolvable in case of any mistakes, and they don't last as long as Radiesse. Although I love using Juvederm for lips augmentation and filling of tear trophs (depressions under the eyes), I favor Radiesse for other treatments for the reasons above.

You did more for me and how I feel than any of the doctors I have been seeing. When you treat someone please realize you are doing so much more than using your talent, you are sharing a part of yourself and impacting someone's life. You have a very special place in this world and your talent couldn't have been geiven to anyone more deserving.
K.S., Client