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Sculptra is a unique product used to treat sagging skin or loss of volume in the face. In our 30s we stat losing fat and collagen in our face, which allows the skin to "drape" and sag and change the youthful contour of the face. Sculptra can prevent or treat this problem in the most natural way.

Product represents white dry crystals made of poly-L-lactic acid, synthetic substance used for making dissolvable sutures. When crystals are soaked in sterile water and injected into the dermis, they stimulate production of new collagen. Crystals dissolve in about three months completely. Results are some of the most natural-feeling and -looking and last longer than the results of competing products-up to 2.5 years.

Procedure takes about 20 minutes and feels relatively comfortable under local anesthesia. Swelling might last 2-3 days. Results are not instant (compared to instant fillers like Radiesse and Juvederm) and take several weeks to show up. In most cases, patient would need 2 and sometimes even 3 sessions, spaced about five weeks apart. To figure out how many treatments and how much product I would need to use to achieve best results please schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 617.501.7055.

You did more for me and how I feel than any of the doctors I have been seeing. When you treat someone please realize you are doing so much more than using your talent, you are sharing a part of yourself and impacting someone's life. You have a very special place in this world and your talent couldn't have been geiven to anyone more deserving.
K.S., Client