Asian Face Westernization Boston MA

Asian Face Westernization Boston MA

Asian Face Westernization Boston MAJaw reduction, rhinoplasty, and chin and brow augmentation are commonly requested non-surgical procedures at Visage Sculpture for Asian face Westernization. Boston, MA residents of Asian descent who want to achieve a more Western appearance can count on Masha Banar, board-certified physician associate and owner of Visage Sculpture, for exquisite work. Her dedication to face reshaping has brought her to the top of her industry in Boston and beyond. Asian face Westernization is just one of many procedures she offers at her office in Newton. Browse all the non-surgical options Masha provides.

About Asian Face Westernization

One trend that’s blazing through China, Hong Kong, and Korea is Asian face Westernization. Asian men and women are opting for procedures to create pointier chins, more prominent noses, and thinner, less square jaws. These augmentations create a more European look instead of enhancing Asian features. Asian face Westernization in Boston, MA can make patients feel more confident, attractive, and in control. If you believe these procedures will better your quality of life, personally and professionally, Masha and her team are here to help.

At Visage Sculpture, we accomplish Asian face Westernization by making subtle and natural-looking changes to the face. Masha is always artful in the non-surgical changes she makes, molding and sculpting the injectable fillers to achieve the exact look each patient wants. Changes our premier cosmetic center can make to Westernize a face include:

  • Jaw reduction. Reducing the jaw to make it slimmer can create a smaller, triangle-shaped face instead of a square shape. We use Botox and Dysport to slim the face and reduce the bulkiness of the jaw muscle. Learn more about non-surgical jaw reductions.
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty. Liquid nose jobs using fillers such as Radiesse, Artefill, and Restylane can create a European-looking nose, which is more three dimensional and prominent than Asian noses. Creating a better-defined nose is the goal during Asian face Westernization in Boston, MA.
  • Chin augmentation. Non-surgical chin and jaw augmentations use fillers to create the appearance of more projected chins on Asian faces. Creating a more prominent, pointed chin can help with Asian face Westernization.
  • Brow lift. Lifting and augmenting the brow with Botox or Dysport can create more projection of the facial features and a more wide-eyed appearance.
  • Eye enlargement. Patients desiring larger, prominent eyes during Asian face Westernization in Boston, MA can opt for Botox or Dysport injections to relax the muscles that depress the brows and pull eyelids tight. Relaxing these muscles give an open look without the need for surgery. Read the related PRWeb press release.

These are all non-surgical procedures people often request at Visage Sculpture to achieve Asian face Westernization. Masha’s more than decade in the face-shaping industry puts her in a unique position to give her patients the faces they’ve always wanted using artful injections and skilled molding techniques. Many patients believe they can have happier lives and more success in the workplace after Asian face Westernization procedures.

Asian Face Westernization at Visage Sculpture

Since Masha founded Visage Sculpture in 2009, it’s been a center for helping people look and feel refreshed, effortlessly youthful, and attractive. Masha uses the most gentle and natural techniques and products to follow these goals, giving patients the natural yet altered look they desire. ABC News has featured Visage Sculpture multiple times for its achievements in TMJ relief, non-surgical rhinoplasty, and alternatives to surgical procedures.

Masha’s more than a decade of experience in the plastic and reconstructive surgery industry enables her to understand what a patient needs for successful Asian face Westernization in Boston, MA. Masha chose to begin her own practice focusing on non-surgical procedures because she believes in the power of minimally invasive procedures and fillers to make a real difference in her patients’ lives. There’s often no need to resort to a major surgery to get the look you want. Visit Visage Sculpture to discuss your plans for Asian face Westernization in more detail.

Products We Use

At Visage Sculpture, we use a variety of cutting-edge dermal fillers and products for Asian face Westernization. The product that’s optimal for one patient may not be right for another patient. It’s important to partner with a health care specialist you can trust to give you accurate information regarding each product that’s available. That way, you can rest assured you’ve chosen the correct one for your needs.

Here are a few products you may encounter during a consultation about Asian face Westernization in Boston, MA:

  • Botox. Botox is a popular prescription medication that’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved for use in the face to decrease lines and increase facial volume. Botox can tighten the jaw line, lift the corners of the mouth, and give eyes a larger appearance when skillfully applied.
  • Dysport. Dysport is very similar to Botox and is FDA-approved for cosmetic use in the face and neck. Dysport tends to be slightly cheaper than Botox in most clinics, but patients need more Dysport than Botox to achieve the same effects. Talk with your specialist about which is right for you for Asian face Westernization in Boston, MA.
  • Radiesse and Restylane. These two fillers both add volume and fullness where applied. Visage Sculpture uses them to add fullness to the lips, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and temporarily plump up areas of the face, such as the cheekbones.
  • Sculptra. Sculptra Aesthetic is the most natural filler we offer. It enhances your face’s natural collagen production to increase volume in desired areas. Sculptra works gradually and lasts up to two and a half years.

See what other products our Newton office offers to patients. Masha will work closely with you to decide which products would be ideal for your goals for Asian face Westernization. Boston, MA patients can have peace of mind knowing that Masha is steering them in the right direction using her professional judgment and years of experience.

Enjoy a Free Consultation With Masha!

Masha offers complimentary, no-obligation beauty consultations to discuss your current facial features and goals for the future. To talk to Masha about your ideas for Asian face Westernization, Boston, MA residents can book a meeting online or call (617) 795-0201.