Incredible Patients and Results

We achieve incredible results with those of my clients who have the most patience, it might take few treatments to get there and sometimes we’re even surprised how great is the outcome. Often my patients push me to try new procedures and techniques and I’m grateful for the most adventurous persistent ones. Just as I’m...
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Bags and Circles Under Eyes Boston

Non-surgical blepharoplasty: puffy bulging bags under eyes can be well concealed with fillers like Restylane. Improvement in your mood while looking at your pictures and relative longevity of filler in this area (1+yr) makes this a very cost efficient procedure

Fillers vs Sculptra

You can use a couple of syringes of filler that will last a little over 6 mo &  fill under eye circles, smile lines & cheeks, or you can use Sculptra to lift,  restore & retexture for couple years. Almost the same cost, but one of those options looks oh so natural! Guess which one...
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