Botox to narrow big suare jaw

Well defined prominent jawline can be a beautiful advantage in some cases, but in other cases it can drive people crazy. Just as much as I do jawline enhancement for men who want more masculine look, I do jawline feminization for women. As usual, proportion of the face plays the biggest role. Masseter muscle-a big square...
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Natural or Plastic-depends on your injector

Cosmetic medicine is not a rocket science, anybody can learn how to do it. Aging and proportions of the face is a science however, and not everyone who injects knows it. Taste and aesthetics you can’t acquire, it’s something you either have or you don’t. As a patient it’s hard to know exactly what you...
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New Technique May Improve Nose Shaping!

At the recent American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting Dr.Erol from Turkey described using diced cartilage from nasal septum to fill in small defects. He designed a special syringe to faclitate the injection. His presentation was welcomed very warmly and even Dr.Stuzin (the author of many books on techniques in Plastic Surgery) commented that this...
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Asian Rhinoplasty

Compared to other ethnic groups Asian nose often lacks projection in the tip and is more wide in the nasal bridge. Surgery involves inserting the synthetic implant (such as Silastic or Gortex) under local anesthesia, which is a technically simple procedure. Some patients might not be ready for surgery and non-surgical rhinoplasty is a quick...
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Non-Surgical Nose Job: painless and quick procedure.

Crooked nose, bumps and divots, droopy tip of the nose: all could be fixed in 10 minutes, with no pain or downtime with non-surgical rhinoplasty (nose job). To schedule complimentary consultation please call (617)501-7055 or visit 

Great Hair Transplantation case the other day!

I had a very satisfying small case couple days ago: patient developed wide unsightly scars at the sides of her scalp from previous surgery with complete loss of hair in and around the scars. I have transplanted about 100 follicles from the back of the scalp which took me about 2-3 hours without assistant. You CAN...
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