Non-Surgical Chin and Jaw Augmentation (with fillers) Boston

Check out my Video Blog-short entertaining videos with pictures before and after procedures and short description. In this video you will learn that chin plays an important role in making your face proportional and attractive. With the help of temporary fillers you can “try it on”  

Hollywood Smile-You can have it too!

Being a little girl I’ve often dreamt of a white beautiful smile. I bought special tooth paste, was using baking soda and even coal (!) to achieve better color. Back then Hollywood smile seemed hard to attain and was reserved only for people from, well, Hollywood. Since then I tried whitening strips and gels and certaily...
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How to choose a cream for your face

My patients ask me for skin care advice every day. Many of them bring multiple bottles they’ve bought on QVC promising eternal youth. We go through them and most of them miss the most important skin altering ingredients. The science of anti-aging is actually very simple, and it doesn’t necessarily come in a very expensive...
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Why do I love Sculptra?

So, I’m pretty well known for using a lot of Sculptra in my practice. The truth is I use a lot of everything, but yes I can say I am a little biased when it comes to restoring the lost volume of the face. Most of you know fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse, they are...
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What if your Botox “doesn’t work”?

You had Botox few times already and know what to expect, you see the same provider over the years, and suddenly just when you need it the most your results are not as good as before. Botox, although usually predictable, is not an exact science. I personally had couple of cases of variations on the...
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