Chemical brow lift

| Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Looking angry or tired lately? It might be time to try Botox! Very often patients who have never “done” anything ease into the injectables with chemical brow lift.

A group of small but powerful muscles above the brows are called brow depressors. They pull your brows in and down. Botox relaxes the muscles and prevents frowning, but besides that you get a brow lift.
It lasts about 3-4 months, looks very natural, and takes a minute to do. Average cost is $250-$350.
Some patients mention “Dr.Spok” look with unnaturally raised eyebrows that they have had elsewhere after the treatment. This usually happens when injector misses the muscle due to possibly minor anatomical differences or lack of expertise. The problem is easily fixed with couple of extra units of product which should be done free of charge for the patient.