Hollywood Smile-You can have it too!

| Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Being a little girl I’ve often dreamt of a white beautiful smile. I bought special tooth paste, was using baking soda and even coal (!) to achieve better color. Back then Hollywood smile seemed hard to attain and was reserved only for people from, well, Hollywood. Since then I tried whitening strips and gels and certaily noticed a difference. Then Zoom came around. I’ve heard from many people how painful it was for days after the procedure-teeth sensitivity is killing people. Until Boost happened. My dentist Sveta Novak DMD suggested I try it. Contrary to all my believes it only took 45 minutes, didn’t hurt, and didn’t cause any sensitivity afterwards!
I love Sveta’s approach to patients as it’s very similar to mine: completele honesty, kindness, and gentle touch. So when she said it’s going tobe that easy-it actually was! You can do it during your lunch break, it won’t put a dent on your finances.