Introducing Jaw Reduction Surgery With Unique And Secure Treatment

| Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Jaw reduction is a procedure that permanently shapes your jaw in a good manner and reduces the outer jaw to make it look more proportional and sharp. These days the jaw reduction surgery is popular among most of the people as it helps you groom yourself and make your face look sharper. The surgery is usually done on Asians but these days everybody is going through this surgery. There are various reasons behind the big squared shape jaw such as a disease or genetically inherited. Most of the people have big squared shape jaw because of their genetics. The disorder can also be the reason behind your big squared shape jaw and most of the people have chewing habit which can cause the enlargement of the jaw muscle. But jaw surgery is one big question of risky treatment. So make a safe and secure choice of jaw reduction surgery without any risky treatments. Let’s dig in to know all about this new procedure.

How Can You Go Through The Jaw Reduction Surgery

As you all know a person who smokes a cigarette is a lot weaker than a normal person if it comes to the mouth. If you are a person who smokes then you can’t get the jaw reduction surgery done. The condition of jaw reduction surgery is that you should be a non-smoker. There are many reasons for enlargement in the jaw but make it slim and smart by the most secure job. To make this happen you have to search properly about the finest and most secure jaw reduction in town. VISAGE SCULPTURE is the platform having a bunch of qualified and experts they check all their procedures and products regularly.

jaw reduction surgery

The jaw reduction surgery is now done with the dermal fillers. The dermal fillers are the main thing you should know about. Surgeries are risky but not these fillers unless you visit the right platform. Dermal fillers Boston at VISAGE SCULPTURE are tested for several times.

How The Surgery Is Done

The jaw reduction surgery with the finest jaw fillers are most safe and have no side effects. Treatment with the jawline fillers is performed instantly and you can go to your daily work without any hesitation. The process is based on a few sessions only, on other hand surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Usually, the jaw surgery doesn’t take a lot of time but it also depends on the preferences that you want to achieve. And you can face side effects too. Moreover, you have to take bed rest and surgery contains cuts and stitches. Let’s mention below few steps of surgery too.

jaw reduction surgery

  1. The surgeon will first start the incision inside the corner of your mouth which is located between the gum and the cheek next to the jaw
  2. To carve the preferred jawline the surgeon will use the micro saw or a laser cutting. In our opinion, the laser cutting is a much better way to get it done as it causes less bleeding and also causes a lot less damage to the surrounding tissues and cells.
  3. And the last but not the least dissolving stitches are used to close the incision of the patient.
  4. After the surgery, the patient gets discharged immediately but it also depends on the advice of your surgeon and you have to take bed rest for a couple of weeks.

What After Surgery And What To Do

After the jaw reduction surgery is done you will face a post-surgical swelling but its nothing to worry about as it will be fine in some time and you will see a lot of difference in your jaw as it will be looking a lot smaller than before. You will also be placed on a liquid diet after surgery for at least 7 – 10 days because the hard food requires chewing and that is what you will have to avoid. Also, you will have to go see your surgeon a couple of times for a routine check-up. You will also have to use an antibacterial mouthwash to protect your mouth from germs and to disinfect your mouth. So without facing such things you can simply adopt the jaw reduction surgery with the pure and secured fillers. The fillers are injected into your muscles of jaw that make them reduce day by day. So this is how your jawline becomes beautiful, straight, slim and smart.

Why You Should Choose

As you already know the jaw reduction surgery has no side effects with the fillers but you can encounter some problems with the surgeries and it also has side effects. And it also can give you harm if it’s not done properly or if the surgeon made any mistake during the surgery or post-surgery. VISAGE SCULPTURE has professional surgeons for these types of treatments. Client satisfaction and his/her safety is the main priority. You can easily book an appointment now to get the surgery done just visit the VISAGE SCULPTURE now.