Liquid Facelift Boston: New Heights of Sculptra technique

| Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s those LinkedIn updates about your career milestones that remind you of how many years passed-well it’s been almost 4 years I was offered and accepted a position of a Peer to Peer trainer first for Sculptra (hands down my most favorite product). It’s been another half a year since training position has expanded to Restylane, Perlane and Dysport-all products under the umbrella of Galderma.
Every time I train an injector I learn something from them too, whether it’s practice management, technical tricks or patient communication. It’s very special though when I get a chance to have a full blown training all to myself and last week we, few select injectors from Boston and New York, had a true Oscars of our own, injectors, world-Dr. Danny Vleggaar has flown in from Switzerland to share his colossal knowledge and experience in a very intimate hands on training.
Sculptra™ Before & After Photos
Liquid Facelift Boston
above – 56 year old woman before & after 3 Sculptra™ treatments
© Danny Vleggaar

The most exciting reminder was accounting for loss of bone/skeletal/facial remodeling with age (and correcting it, with Sculptra!) besides soft tissue augmentation and volume restoration.
Face loses not only fullness but width and projection and no product in the world can efficiently correct it.

Young patient (early 40s) after 2 vials of Sculptra © Visage Sculpture/Masha Banar

Another really great observation by Dr. Vleggaar is correlation of volume created by a vial of Sculptra (about 4 cc that last up to 2.5 years), which proves once again how cost effective this product is: 1cc of fillers that cost about the same as a vial of Sculptra create, well, 1 cc of volume that lasts 6 months up to 12 months.

Consecutive days after training make me feel like a kid in a candy store. I’m giddy from excitement of recreating youthful projection and lifting the midface so efficiently my patients can’t believe their eyes looking in the mirror. Even though it’s water they see right after, it’s a (slightly exaggerated) preview of what’s to come in few weeks, and the future is beautiful!

Yup, that is how I feel, except just professionally, without shopping!