Natural or Plastic-depends on your injector

| Monday, November 19th, 2012
Cosmetic medicine is not a rocket science, anybody can learn how to do it. Aging and proportions of the face is a science however, and not everyone who injects knows it. Taste and aesthetics you can’t acquire, it’s something you either have or you don’t.

As a patient it’s hard to know exactly what you need or even want-so many products, so many procedures, what is the best for you? You have to rely on your cosmetic provider to give you advice and guidance in the exciting (and very addictive!) world of cosmetic medicine. You are lucky if you found an honest person who doesn’t look at you as their next paycheck and the only way to find someone like that is a word of mouth.
My clientelle is largely people who want to look fresh and young, but not “done”. Most people report compliments like “You look amazing! You look rested” or “Did you just come back from vacation?” The formula that works for my patients is a good brow lift with Botox for the rested look, a smidge of Botox in the forehead just for relaxation, no “smooth as a skating rink” look with me. Round youthful contour of the cheeks and cheekbones that hold the face in place, and touches of Sculptra here and there to maintain the contour of the face that you used to have years ago. Hyaluronic acid I reserve only for erasing fine lines around the lips, outlining contour of the lips and “the puff”-“kissed all night” look I call it, not “adult film star” plump. Depressions under eyes respond well to hyaluronic acid too, and here less is more as well.
Nose job boston
Patients who want either perfection or the fake look I tend to talk out of it or refer out-reputation takes a long time to build and a lifetime to maintain.
We’ve all seen the overdone look, both on TV and around us. I personally think it looks forced, desperate, and sad-not young. So if you want to look yourself, but just a better younger version of yourself-I’m your girl!