New Jaw Reduction Making The Sensational Face Change

| Friday, January 8th, 2021

We all desire to have a supermodel a face, don’t we? But the only thing that would stop you from achieving that look is your wide and un-asymmetrical jaw. The only solution to having a beautiful jaw is getting a jaw reduction done. But can’t that a surgical procedure that would require a lot of knives and stitches, that does sound scary right? Don’t worry, we will tell you about something much more amazing that would affect you like surgery but is not indeed a surgery.

Jaw Reduction Done When You Have A Wide Jaw

Apart from genes because you can’t control that, numerous other things might result in you getting a wide jaw. This jaw reduction surgery is done without any risky procedure. The fillers are used in the procedure. Fillers are professionally tested many times. With the collaboration of top dermatologists and doctors, this jaw reduction procedure is invented. Some of the issues are mentioned below that can be controlled by this jaw reduction surgery.

jaw reduction

  • Muscle overgrowth.
  • Excessive clenching of your jaw (teeth)
  • Overly growing fat.
  • Soft tissue growth.
  • Skin growth because of growing age.

When you will consult a dermatologist. The first thing he/she will do is look at the current situation of your jaw and then look where you need the most work on. Then your medical history will be checked and if all seems clear so you will be given a time and date for your procedure.

Perfect Solution

The procedure itself is very simple, one of the best botox in Boston is used. This procedure is something that replaces the knives and stitches. Botox in this jaw reduction surgery is injected directly into your jaw to slim it out. You will see your jaw getting thinner and more toned in the coming t-2 weeks of your procedure. The botox inside will last you a good 5-6 months till you are ready for a touch-up. Botox is a component that is FDA approved for your skin, it’s perfectly safe and adjusts with your muscle accurately.

About Procedures

The best part about the botox procedure is that you can always change it back. You don’t have to always stay for the shape you have, you can always have it changed on your next procedure. This jaw reduction is something that you won’t get in a surgical procedure.

What You Expect

After getting a jaw reduction procedure, what you will expect from your jaw is,

  • A more toned jaw.
  • Reduced face fat.
  • Your teeth grinding will get less.
  • Jaw clenching will get less.
  • Your face will feel lighter and much more aesthetic.
  • Your lower face will look more appealing.
  • Your wide jaw will no more look wide and misshapen.

So if you are unsatisfied with how your jaw looks then you should go for something much more sensible like a non surgical jaw reduction.

Where To Get

The best procedure can turn into your worst nightmare if you don’t go for the right place. Us being professionals will advise you to go for VISAGE SCULPTURE. The best place you could get a jaw reduction procedure. They have trained professionals with the finest equipment. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now and enjoy a slim toned jaw.