New Technique May Improve Nose Shaping!

| Friday, November 9th, 2012
At the recent American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting Dr.Erol from Turkey described using diced cartilage from nasal septum to fill in small defects. He designed a special syringe to faclitate the injection.
His presentation was welcomed very warmly and even Dr.Stuzin (the author of many books on techniques in Plastic Surgery) commented that this could become a golden standard for many patients, especially those suffering from overresection during surgery and asymmetry (common side effects of rhinoplasty).
Meanwhile my “golden standard” is still doing a trial run with hyaluronic acid which is extremely safe and is dissolvable, and then discussing options to replace it with permanent product.
I’m still not a fan of Artecoll as it’s bovine collagen and can cause allergic reaction, but I might be able to offer Silikon 1000 some day.