New Way of lookng YOUNG forever

| Monday, October 4th, 2010
Finally, there’s an answer to my patients who want to prevent aging or look refreshed without putting anything foreign in their faces! I have already tested it on a myself and a model, have pictures and videos to edit and post soon, and hoping to be the first one in Boston to offer this wonderful procedure!
Last weekend I’ve spent at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery conference in Boston’s Hynes Convention center. I love the feeling of excitement from learning something new and getting even more passionate and proud about what I do.
One of the presentations was about the new product Selphyl ( In a nutshell: I draw several cc’s of blood from the patient, spin in in the centrifuge to separate into fractions, and the fraction with fresh plasma rich with fibrin and platelets (with growth factors which will stimulate collagen production) I inject it into the face to restore lost volume and fill in the lines.
Injection takes 10 minutes, feels very comfortable, and promises to be a very valuable addition to my practice. Catch picture before and after and a video of me injecting the patient tomorrow!