Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction Newton MA

Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction Newton MA

Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction Newton MAWomen who desire a more rounded, balanced, and feminine face without major surgery should come to Visage Sculpture for non-surgical jaw reduction. Newton, MA residents trust the professionals at Visage Sculpture for the most intricate and delicate face-shaping procedures, including jaw reductions. Visage Sculpture is a premier cosmetic center that specializes in non-surgical facial contouring procedures such as facelifts, neck lifts, rhinoplasties, and eyelifts. Browse all the procedures we offer.

At Visage Sculpture, we use the top dermal fillers and products on the market to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all our procedures. Masha Banar, PA-C and founder of Visage Sculpture, is dedicated to achieving beautiful results while prioritizing patient safety. From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll know you’ve chosen a reliable and trustworthy establishment. Don’t put your face in the hands of anyone less than the best. Choose Visage Sculpture for your jaw reduction in Newton, MA.

What Is Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction?

Non-surgical jaw reduction in Newton, MA at Visage Sculpture makes the male or female chin more shapely, attractive, and proportionate with the face without putting the patient under the knife. Non-surgical facial augmentation procedures use Botox and Dysport injections to reduce the bulk and strength of the muscles that contribute to a “square jaw” appearance. Masha can also use fillers to make the jaw line and chin more prominent, if desired. Her artistic background enables her to use non-surgical techniques with finesse to shape and mold the jaw for optimal, beautiful results.

The reduction in the flare, size, and width of a wide jaw line with Botox or Dysport is not permanent. Results will last around six to eight months, but can last up to two years depending on the product used. Non-permanent procedures allow patients to see what they would look like after a surgical procedure, without the risk. While a square jaw can be very attractive, not everybody wants this facial feature. At Visage Sculpture, we use the latest techniques to create the smooth, small, oval-shaped jaw line you’ve always wanted. Learn more about non-surgical jaw reductions.

Products We Use for Non-Surgical Jaw Reductions

We use many Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved injectables and fillers at Visage Sculpture for facial contouring and improvement. We keep up with all the latest products and equipment in the industry, always enhancing our practice for the benefit of our patients. Read about all the products we use. For non-surgical jaw reduction in Newton, MA, Visage Sculpture uses Botox and Dysport to reduce a prominent, asymmetric, or disproportionate jaw line. Here’s what you need to know about these two products:

  • Botox. Physicians commonly use Botox, or onabotulinumtoxin A, to treat wrinkles. Botox is a prescription medication that temporarily prevents the facial muscles from flexing. During jaw-reduction procedures, Botox tightens the jaw line and reduces the size of the main jaw muscle, creating a smaller, more proportionate jaw. Botox is ideal for women who want to achieve a more feminine, oval-shaped face instead of a sharp jaw line.
  • Dysport. Dysport (abobotulinum toxin A) is an FDA-approved prescription medication that also temporarily prevents the muscles from flexing. Dysport can treat smoker’s lines, lift the corners of the mouth, lift the brows, and work wonders during non-surgical jaw reductions. Dysport, like Botox, will last about three to six months. Dysport has a slightly quicker onset than Botox, but patients typically need more Dysport to achieve the same results as Botox.

At Visage Sculpture, we’ll give you plenty of information about both types of injectables and help you choose which is best for your needs and jaw line goals. Masha will work closely with you and use advanced computer technology to show you what your jaw can look like with injectables. We never leave you in the dark about your procedure – we’re by your side every step of the way.

About Visage Sculpture

“Visage” refers to the proportions or form of the facial features. For example, many women want an “elegant, smooth visage.” In 2009, Mrs. Masha Banar, certified physician assistant and Galderma (Restylane, Dysport, Sculptra Aesthetic) educator, created Visage Sculpture to help men and women achieve the visage they want in safe and effective ways. Her creativity, artistic background, and intuitive ability to envision the proportions of the face make Masha an ideal PA-C for non-surgical facial procedures.

Masha studied plastic and reconstructive surgery at Boston Medical Center in 2006. She soon created an injectable practice for her department, while spending a considerable amount of time with patients and assisting in the operating room. She transitioned her career to her own non-surgical face-contouring practice in 2009 to bring her expertise and passion to patients throughout Massachusetts.

Today, Visage Sculpture has been in the news on several occasions for Masha’s innovative and incredibly successful non-surgical techniques. ABC News featured Visage Sculpture for Masha’s gentle and safe non-surgical nose job technique, as well as TMJ treatment and improving facial asymmetry. Masha’s commitment to learning as much as possible about her industry has propelled Visage Sculpture to the top cosmetic center for non-surgical jaw reduction in Newton, MA. Get to know Masha and Visage Sculpture.

Curious About Non-Surgical Jaw Reduction? Call Today!

If you’re considering a non-surgical procedure to reduce your jaw and achieve a more shapely and feminine-looking face, we at Visage Sculpture first want to congratulate you. Deciding to make facial and body improvements is a major step toward your future happiness. We encourage all our patients to explore their non-surgical options before electing to go under the knife, as these techniques can provide beautiful results without the risk and potential complications of a major surgery. If you believe a non-surgical jaw reduction in Newton, MA is right for you, please contact us for a meeting with Masha.

At Visage Sculpture, we know we can improve your quality of life, boost your confidence level, and create a renewed you. Whether you only want a jaw reduction or are curious about a variety of non-surgical procedures, we can help make your vision a reality. Follow @visagesculpture on Instagram for before-and-after photos, health and beauty tips, and more. To set up an appointment to discuss non-surgical jaw reduction, Newton, MA citizens can dial (617) 795-0201 to partner with Visage Sculpture.