Non-Surgical Nose Job (Liquid Nose Job Boston)

| Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Eastern European noses often have a “wave” to them, the tip often stands out compared to the dorsum. I love distinct features that help me guess where the person might be from: full Scottish cheekbones, German square jaw, Scandinavian lightness of the features-Nature sure made it very interesting to be of a certain nationality. I try to preserve the “identity” when I treat my patients. Often nobody can even put the finger on what exactly has changed, though overall appearance is more attractive.

Here is before and after non-surgical nose job (or rhinoplasty), one of my most favorite procedures to do! It takes 15 minutes, it’s painless and affordable. A lot of people fulfilled their life-long dream of having a better nose without surgery including myself. My pioneer method landed a spot on local ABC news and continues to draw a lot of attention both locally and nationally.

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