On importance of being authentic (your Botox, that is)

| Monday, November 5th, 2012
I figured out the formula of good luck in life and in business a long time ago: treat people the way you want to be treated. Be honest, don’t steal of lie-it will always be uncovered and you really steal from yourself. Don’t fixate on  money-the more you worry about it, the less you have. Focus on people instead and do the best you can.
I was cleaning up my office the other day and filing all the numerous charts. Looking through familiar names of my patients I felt so lucky to have so many of you who followed me from the time I’ve started the business! A lot of you are good friends, I am looking forward to seing you, catching up, learning from your life experiences and sharing mine.
Another pile (thankfully a smaller one!) was charts of patients that I have seen once or twice and never heard from again. Of course it’s me!-I am quite self-centered so this explanation certainly fits. But I have heard from few who switched to someone who offered a “deal” on the internet, and then to someone else, and some even came back to me complaining that it was never as good as it was with me (very flattered!).
What I really wanted to write about is the importance of knowing who are you going to and, most importantly, what products are they using? True, most of the procedures are safe and even reversible, and even if you don’t like the results they WILL ALWAYS go away! But next time you see the deal for Botox that is less than a product cost ask yourself why is somebody doing it? And where was the product purchased.

         “Instead of Botox”? 🙂

Just the other week I was contacted by a US company promising huge savings on products. What’s the catch?-I asked. No catch, they all are made by same companies, like Allergan and Merz, only they are made in Canada. -Well, can you give me a written proof what is in the product and which physicians are using them in Boston? -No, I can’t do that. 
Remeber my “formula of success”? So, I always say no to “attractive deals” like that. But what if some people don’t? There are so many providers who offer injectable services today: dentists, ob/gyns, primary care physicians, anesthesiologists, even pediatricians.. for many it becomes another avenue of income and it is very tempting to make more so easily.
So be smart and be alert! And for my loyal patients I always have “frequent flyer deals”, just subscribe to my monthly newsletter and blog!