Why Non Surgical Nose Job Is Better Than Surgeries

| Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

A non surgical nose job is a widely used terminology for a quick nose job that doesn’t involve any kind of surgery or painful procedure. But first, what is a nose job? It is a procedure that involves fixing the shape and structure of your nose so that it suits your facial structure. A nose job can have drastic effects on a person’s face, but it’s excruciating and expensive. A non surgical nose job also called rhinoplasty is way better than a surgical nose job.

Few Important Facts About Non Surgical Nose Job

A non surgical nose job is straightforward, it’s perfect for people who aren’t looking for any extreme changes because truly, it’s better to go through the pinch of a needle than a cut from an actual surgical knife. You don’t have to freak out about a non surgical nose job because all the dermatologist will do is inject hyaluronic acid in your nose in the face of dermal fillers. These nose fillers will smooth your nose out and define the structure.

non surgical nose job

A non surgical nose job is way better than a surgical one because of several reasons,

  • It’s less painful.
  • It’s not as expensive.
  • It’s moldable (it’s not permanent)
  • It has less downtime.
  • It gives off fast results.

How Does It Work?

This is for all the people who are still a little confused about the procedure, it’s very simple, first of all, you and your dermatologist will discuss what kind of shape are you going for. Then you will discuss the target areas, where the fillers of this non surgical nose job will be injected to give your nose a toned shape. After that, any aesthetic will be applied around your nose to numb out the pain and the doctor will next to the fillers. The whole process is rapid, it will be done in around an hour. After you are done with your procedure, the only thing you have to worry about is waking up early for your daily routine work. Yes, you don’t have to take any kind of bed rest. You will get the full results in about a week of this nose job without surgery.

How Many Sessions

This non surgical nose job depends on the kind of filler that you are going for, the quality and time of that filler, and also your skin type. If you are looking for a temporary change and you are not sure about the results then you can always go for a filler that lasts up to 3-6 months. If you are going for longer results then the maximum you can go to is 3 years.

Where To Get It

If you don’t want these fillers to affect you in the wrong way. And if you are looking for a beautiful non surgical nose job with the help of trained professionals. Then the best place you can get a non surgical nose job is none other than VISAGE SCULPTURE.