You have to crack some eggs to make an omelet or Beauty Hurts

| Thursday, February 26th, 2015
Article in last Bazaar magazine confirmed that injections of vitamins are still super popular in Europe, South America and Brazil. Mesotherapy is the fancy word of French origin summarizing the mid layer of skin treatment with cocktail of microelements and amino acids to fight wrinkles, spots, and other imperfections. It goes at a whopping price of $350 per session (usually requiring 5-10 sessions to achieve great results) in Moscow and beauties around the world swear by this treatment. Not so much in the US.
My experience as an injector here for the past almost 10 years is procedures and products are quite limited due to very tight FDA regulations and most innovations hit European markets a lot faster (on average 5-6 years) than USA. Another issue is cost limitation-often people have a budget for “self improvement” and I’d rather sell a liquid facelift with fillers or Sculptra as opposed to vitamin injections to see real improvement that will last a while.
Nevertheless something similar to mesotherapy, Dermapen treatment, took off really well in local spas-a needling procedure that is frequently combined with application of those vitamins and amino acids topically.
So why is mesotherapy and microneedling is so popular if you don’t see fast results as with fillers and Botox? My take on it: psychologically many people feel that if it’s painful it must really be effective. Like a good friend of mine who is a Surgeon said “You have to crack some eggs to make an omelet” 🙂
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