Look young!

What makes the face look young? Soft smooth round contour of the cheeks and jawline & fullness. It is possible to look youthful, fresh, & natural-pick your injector wisely. Besides credentials &  experience, I’d pay attention to how their faces look-great indicator of taste & a little ‘preview’ of how you’re going to look 😀


Sculptraaaaah! Yes, still my favorite, even though it takes so long to explain, to inject, to follow up and to wait for results, they are soo worth it! Nobody will know, it’s your little secret 🙂

Dark circles under eyes Restylane Boston

Circles under eyes can be due to 1.dark pigment (treatment is hydroquinone though I don’t promote it) 2.congested veins (sometimes could be improved with laser) 3.physiologic depressions/loss of volume with age (here) which, finally, is my cup of tea. Restylane filler was used to erase dark circles in minutes, results last about a year or...
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Corrective Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

It’s been an impressive influx of corrective cases after surgical rhinoplasties lately, here’s another overresected tip of the nose that appeared crooked. Restylane was used to fix the asymmetry and pull the tip back to the midline.