Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Newton MAFor the best Non Surgical Chin Augmentation, has to offer, come to Visage Sculpture. Founder Masha Banar is a board-certified physician assistant (PA) with a passion for non-surgical face and body procedures. ABC News has featured her revolutionary techniques for non-surgical facelifts, rhinoplasty, neck lifts, and more since the founding of Visage Sculpture in 2009.

Non Surgical Chin Augmentation

In every procedure, Masha’s dedication to patient happiness shines, providing a positive experience and incredible results. Her customized solutions give patients their best chance to achieve the look and feel they’ve always wanted. Chin Augmentation and other simple non-surgical procedures can change your life. If you’re considering alternatives to surgery for Chin Augmentation, trust Masha and her team of professionals.

Visage Sculpture’s Unique Solution to Chin Augmentation

At Visage Sculpture, we have a number of non-invasive options for beautiful and effective Chin augmentation. Boston, MA citizens who want to make their chins more feminine or masculine or achieve faces that are more proportional have cutting-edge products such as Sculptra, Radiesse, and Restylane at their fingertips at our cosmetic center. Using fillers can immediately deliver a better-looking chin, neck, and face, while Sculptra can build your chin over time for results that last. Learn more about Non-surgical Chin Augmentation.

Sculptra is a biocompatible injectable that can correct or restore facial fat loss (lipoatrophy) as well as sculpt the chin, face, and neck. Long before the Food and Drug Administration approved Sculptra for cosmetic injection, Masha worked with this product. She treated hundreds of patients with HIV lipoatrophy with Sculptra, turning their lives around by correcting skin thickness. Her extensive experience puts her in a unique position to perform chin augmentation in Newton, MA. When it comes to the future of your face, trust nothing less than the best in the business. In the Boston area, this is Masha Banar.

Radiesse and Restylane are two other popular options for chin augmentation. These dermal fillers can create a well-projected chin without the need for surgical implants. Dermal fillers give a subtle, natural look that can last longer when paired with Sculptra. These fillers are a safer and less effective alternative to surgery that eliminates scarring, infection, and nerve damage. Visage Sculpture’s minimally invasive solution to shape and mold patients’ chins can revolutionize your life without the risk. Our premier cosmetic center uses only the best products available to complete Non-Surgical Chin Augmentations in Boston, MA successfully.

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Safety

When you make an appointment to receive non-surgical chin augmentation in Newton, MA at Visage Sculpture, you’re signing up for one of the most popular modern methods to achieve a more defined, shapely, and attractive chin. Chin Augmentation Without Surgery injects fillers in the area of concern. Fillers can use hyaluronic acid or collagen to achieve the desired results. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all chin implant and embrace customizable fillers that can mold the chin based on one’s facial features. Instead of a chin implant, which is permanent, non-surgical chin augmentation gives you a safer, short-term result.

Patients with recessive chins (chins that go inward at an angle toward the neck) may desire a stronger, more prominent chin to improve the overall appearance of the face. Recessive chins can lead to double chins or the appearance of a drooping neck. Chin fillers only take about 15 minutes depending on the job and have little to no downtime. Using Sculptra, Artefill, Restylane, or other products, Visage Sculpture can enhance weak chins for up to two years. Results are immediate! Chin augmentation is just one of the many non-surgical cosmetic procedures we offer at our Newton, MA location. Browse all our procedures.

Why Choose Visage Sculpture?

When it comes to changing the features of your face, you need to partner with a cosmetic center and physician assistant you can absolutely trust. Masha Banar began her career in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Boston Medical Center in 2006. She spent most of her time assisting in the operating room and focusing on patient care. During her time there, she started an injectable practice. Masha then began her own non-surgical face-shaping center, Visage Sculpture, in 2009. Dr. Jeannie Chung, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has been Masha’s mentor and medical director over the years.

Masha’s dedication to her patients has led her to become one of the most popular choices for non-surgical chin augmentation in Newton, MA and beyond. She truly cares about each person who walks through the doors of Visage Sculpture and works closely with him or her to come up with the ideal customized solution for the molding and shaping of his or her problem areas. Her attention to detail, compassion, and artistic background make Masha a premier PA-C for completing stunning chin, nose, and other face jobs.

At Visage Sculpture, we give our patients peace of mind. The assurance that a highly qualified PA is giving you recommendations and performing your procedure will make the entire process easy and carefree. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the entire procedure and make sure you feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment. With a caring professional by your side, you’ll be confident in the results of your Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation. Boston, MA residents can schedule a consultation with Masha or another member of the Visage Sculpture staff online.

Change Your Life for the Better

Non-surgical chin augmentation in Newton, MA is changing people’s lives. After a fast and simple non-invasive procedure, patients can walk out of the Visage Sculpture clinic with newfound confidence in their appearance. Cosmetic procedures go much more than skin deep. The goal of Masha and her team is to improve lives on a deeper level by giving people the look they want. Your face is a representation of who you are. If you’re unhappy with your chin, make a change. You’ll be amazed at how one easy procedure can revolutionize the way you feel about your appearance.

If you’re interested in speaking with Masha about non-surgical procedures for your face, chin, neck, or body, please contact us today. We’re more than happy to answer your questions and concerns regarding chin augmentation or any of our other procedures. To book an appointment for a consultation about Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation, Boston, MA residents can call (617) 795-0201.